TIWIA | Vol. 1 | Happy Birthday

TIWIA - This is where I'm at - a series of self portraits I took these photos in September, 2 days before my 25th birthday. It's a tradition I started since I got into photography. At first it was about having a quality photo to share on social media. More recently it's about how different… Continue reading TIWIA | Vol. 1 | Happy Birthday

You Don’t Belong

I'm starting to work on some composites and this idea literally came out of nothing. It's toying with the idea that none of us belong here. We are stardust. We are not meant to fit in. We are one of a kind. We are special. However, we all crave the same thing, purpose. Original Image… Continue reading You Don’t Belong

Magical Morning with Christina Carpenter

Christina and I met in a Facebook group for local models and photographers called Creative Minds | Central Louisiana & Surrounding Areas. We originally planned something more woodsy but in true Louisiana fashion, mother nature was not on our side. We discussed new plans and executed those plans in early October.

Let Me Do My Job | Part 1 – Welcome to the Real World

Variations include: I wish they would let me do my job, I wish they would let me do what they hired me for, why did they even hire me, I just want to do my job, and many more. I've worked in marketing and advertising (yes there is a difference but that's a different story) since 2015. If I had a dollar for the number of times I and my colleagues said the aforementioned phrases,

World Creative Class | Adri Set 1

I have been blessed to work with some amazing people and while they aren’t exactly all paying gigs, I can honestly say that I’m learning from each experience. The latest rung in the photography ladder that I’m climbing are these first set of images featuring Adri from the World Creative Class Photowalk.

Prints are Important

I’m just saying that tangible printouts of photos are special and important. As a 20 something year old millennial digital photographer I understand that while we have everything on a device and inside a screen, there’s just something insanely special about holding a real live photo in your hands.

Carmouche Family Photos

There’s just something magical about September. It’s that awkward time between summer and fall. Kids are going back to school. The weather isn’t as hot, and families begin to prepare for fall activities. It’s also the perfect time to begin taking those beloved family photos. When Jared and Whitney asked if I’d take family photos, I was delighted.